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Ranking Popular Distributed Computing Packages for Data Science

At The Data Incubator, we strive to provide the most up-to-date data science curriculum available. Using feedback from our corporate and government partners, we deliver training on the most sought after data science tools and techniques in industry. We wanted to include a more data-driven approach to developing the curriculum for our corporate data science training and our free Data Science Fellowship program for PhD and master’s graduates looking to get hired as professional Data Scientists. To achieve this goal, we started by looking at and ranking popular deep learning libraries for data science. Next, we wanted to analyze the popularity of distributed computing packages for data science. Here are the results.

The Rankings

Below is a ranking of the top 20 of 140 distributed computing packages that are useful for Data Science, based on Github and Stack Overflow activity, as well as Google Search results. The table shows standardized scores, where a value of 1 means one standard deviation above average (average = score of 0). For example, Apache Hadoop is 6.6 standard deviations above average in Stack Overflow activity, while Apache Flink is close to average. See below for methods.
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