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3 Ways Scrappy Entrepreneurs Can Keep Data Scientists On Board and Motivated

On October 2nd, Entrepreneur Magazine featured another article written by Data Incubator founder Michael Li. The article can be found where it was originally posted here


entrepreneur-593378_960_720These days, there’s a lot being said about big data and the value that comes from properly utilizing it. I’ve written previously about the importance of having a data science team. The next goal is to figure out how to keep those data scientists happy.

At The Data Incubator, we’ve spoken to hundreds of companies looking to hire data scientists from our training program. They’ve ranged from large corporations like Capital One and eBay to smaller, nimbler outfits like Betterment, Upstart, and Mashable; and all have been eager for suggestions on how to retain their data scientists.

Even without the capital provided by a larger corporation, there are plenty of ways — most of them free — for scrappy entrepreneurs to keep their data scientists engaged and on board. Continue reading

4 Things a Data Scientist Can Do for Entrepreneurs

This week, Data Incubator Founder Michael Li was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. His article, 4 Things a Data Scientist Can Do for Entrepreneurs, which can be found below, was originally posted here on March 27, 2015.

entrepreneur-593358__340These days, there is no shortage of data — even the earliest stage entrepreneurs are finding themselves sitting on mounds and mounds of it — and it often leads to the same question: How can I use this to help me grow?

At The Data Incubator, we train over 100 data scientists to enter industry every year. The fellows have joined with some of the largest corporations in America, including Capital One, AIG, and eBay, as well as budding startups such as Betterment and YouNow. They have joined larger veteran teams, and have been brought on to build data and analytics at their companies.

Virtually every type of company can benefit from a skilled data scientist. Here are four major things they should be doing: Continue reading