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Predicting Flight Delays with Random Forests: Alumni Spotlight on Stacy Karthas

At The Data Incubator we run a free eight-week Data Science Fellowship Program to help our Fellows land industry jobs. We love Fellows with diverse academic backgrounds that go beyond what companies traditionally think of when hiring Data Scientists. Stacy was a Fellow in our Winter 2017 cohort who landed a job with one of our hiring partners, AdTheorent


Tell us about your background. How did it set you up to be a great Data Scientist?

I received my Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics and physics from the University of New Hampshire. I then went on to graduate school at Stony Brook University. I graduated with my master’s degree in Physics in December 2016. During my master’s degree, I did research in Nuclear Heavy Ion Physics with a focus on the analysis of gluons and their products as they traversed our detector. The data analysis, simulation, and clustering algorithms I worked on prepared me to become a data scientist because it was a physical application of many of the tools used by data scientists.


What do you think you got out of The Data Incubator?

The Data Incubator gave me the chance to solidify my data science knowledge. It helped me pull together tools and concepts I had been using during all of my previous research experiences. I learned a lot of new machine learning concepts and how they could be applied to real world data.


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