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The Data Incubator Featured in Business Insider

Business Insider recently made a list of “15 Things That Are Harder To Get Into Than Harvard” and included The Data Incubator.

Foursquare’s Michael Li began work on another startup in 2014: The Data Incubator.

It’s essentially a boot camp for data scientists. While many programming Ph.D.s have solid research skills, few can meet the pace of a startup. They need training.

Li hasn’t picked the first class of attendees from a batch of more than 1,000 applicants, representing more than 80 universities. But he told VentureBeat, “We cannot accept 5.8%,” referring to Harvard’s rate. “It’s just not possible.”

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Featured in Venture Beat: “It’s free, but harder to get into than Harvard”

For those of you who haven’t seen, we got written about in Venture Beat, who note that we’re more competitive to get into than Harvard: 

Finding a great data scientist can feel like searching for Princess Peach. She’s always in another castle.

There are plenty of programmers who can match a startup’s pace. There are plenty of PhDs with solid research backgrounds. But there’s a serious dearth of job applicants equipped with both skill sets.

Foursquare veteran Michael Li is working on a solution: a hacker bootcamp for data scientists. It’s called The Data Incubator.

The New York startup intends to take the brightest science and engineering PhDs and propel them into data science careers. The inaugural program is scheduled to begin this June.

It’s not designed for folks starting at square one. Applicants should already have some programming experience as well as strong qualitative and communication skills. Li plans to further familiarize his fellows with the tools and technology stack employers actually care about.

That’s an attractive proposal for PhDs uncertain about their next move. But it gets better.  Continue reading

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